Passover Desserts

Passover is here!

Are you fed up of Matzah covered in anything and called dessert? Fed up of Passover cookies that could easily pass for rocks?

Have no fear - we have lots of Passover dessert recipes for you - that do NOT include matzah, matzah meal, matzah farfal... you get the point!

Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Simple Strawberry Sorbet:

This sorbet is so refreshing and light after a big Passover meal!

2. Individual Lemon Meringue Cups:

This is an adorable presentation for the classic lemon meringue pie! Your guests will be wowed! Use store bought Kosher for Passover Lady Fingers for this adorable treat.

3. Chocolate Coconut Bars:

These are just crazy delicious. As you bite into that dark chocolate exterior you get the creamy coconut interior...mmmm!

4. Hadji Bada - Passover Almond Cookies:

Instead of flour, nuts play a starring role in these traditional Iraqi Jewish Passover treats!

5. Individual Nutmeg Orange Creme Caramel:

These individual treats are beautiful to look at, but also heavenly to eat! So creamy and delicious with hints of orange and nutmeg.

6. Homemade Almond Halva:

Halva is a Middle Eastern dessert delicacy! In this version almonds and a touch of rose water are added for a heavenly flavor combination.

7. Dark Chocolate Almond Treats:

The crunchy almonds underneath the smooth dark chocolate is just divine!

8. Cardamom Infused Poached Pears:

This is such a simple, but elegant treat! It is especially nice for a gathering as everyone can get their own poached pear!

9. Fresh Figs Drizzled with Honey and Almonds:

If you have never had fresh figs before, they are just so tender and fragrant. The honey really brings out their natural sweetness.

10. Chocolate Truffles:

mmmmmmmm....homemade chocolate truffles!

Hope these ideas inspire you to make some beautiful sweet treats this Passover!

Happy Passover to all!

The Vegetarian Gourmet!


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