Spaghettini with Portabellos and Pesto

In this recipe, I chose to use Spaghettini, which is slightly thinner than traditional spaghetti because I wanted something more delicate to make the other ingredients stand out. And boy did they ever! The pan fried portabellos and leeks paired with a robust fresh basil pesto –perfect dinner!

Ramen Noodle Chow Mein

An easy weeknight one pot meal using the convenience of Ramen!

Sweet Potato Noodle Pad Thai

Ok, so I am a little obsessed with my spiralizer! The sweet potato “noodles” here are a great combination with this tart and tangy Pad Thai sauce!

Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta

As the cherry tomatoes roast, the juices escape which gives a luscious sauce to coat your pasta, at the same time the actual tomatoes are little bits of candy to bite into!

Peanutty Cucumber “Noodle” Salad

This is a great refreshing “noodle” salad – where the noodles are made entirely of ... cucumbers!! Really yummy without the guilt!

One Pot Pasta With Tomato and Bok Choy

This is a really cool trick to cook your pasta! With this recipe you do not need to boil your pasta in a separate pot – it just cooks directly in the sauce! I even added in some bok choy for a crisp green, that steams in the sauce while your pasta cooks!

Spaghetti Squash with Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes

The strands of spaghetti squash are combined with roasted tomatoes and pesto in this dish to make a great light alternative to pasta that is just bursting with flavor!

Papardelle with Roasted Tomatoes and Leeks

What a delicious combination! The sweetness of the roasted tomatoes and the slippery thick papardelle noodles all topped with earthy leeks and salty kalamata olives! What a meal!

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