How to drain and press tofu

For best results when using firm tofu it is important to drain and press. Many people think they do not like tofu, because this step is often skipped, resulting in mushy flavorless tofu.

Imagine tofu is a sponge. When you buy it, it is full of liquid - so how can it possibly absorb your flavorings without removing the liquid it already has stored in its pores?

Here is what to do to maximize the flavor absorption of your tofu:

1. Open Package and rinse your block of tofu in the sink.

2. Cut block in half and wrap both halves tightly in a clean kitchen towels

3. Place wrapped tofu halves on a baking sheet and place a second baking sheet upside down on top of this

4. Place something heavy on the second baking sheet like a can of tomatoes, a jar of pickles, your dumbbells...whatever you've got!

5. Allow to sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remove the towels from the tofu and you should notice the towels will be very wet.

6. Use your tofu in any recipe!


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