Gift Exchange ``stealing`` Game

Gift exchanges can be so much fun at many different holiday parties! I think it is best to turn this activity into a fun game. Here I describe my all-time favorite gift exchange game. It is guaranteed to get tons of laughs from all!

1. Set a price limit:

First of all when planning your gift exchange game you need to warn all your guests to bring a wrapped gift and make it gender neutral, so nobody gets left out! I also feel it is important to set a predetermined price limit on these gifts, usually I choose a low number like 10$. This way it is fun and fair, everyone is working within the same budget to find a cool gift. Also, there is no reason to add extra financial stress on people - 10$ should be manageable for all. And you would be surprised there are tons of gifts available in this price range.

2. The Rules of the Game:

a) All guests must first put their wrapped gift in a designated area.

b) The number of guests should correspond to the number of gifts (if there are 12 guests there should be 12 gifts!) The host must put numbers from 1-12 (assuming 12 guests) in a hat. Each guest must then choose a number at random from the hat.

c) Whoever picked number 1 goes first. He/she can choose any gift from the pile, open it up and put it on his/her own lap.

d) Number 2 then has a choice. He/She can either "steal" whatever gift number 1 has or take a new gift from the pile. If he/she steals from number 1, that becomes his/her gift and number one must go to the pile to choose a new gift. It is then Number 3's turn, he/she can steal from either number 1 or number 2 or choose a new gift from the pile. If number 3 stole from number 1, number 1 can steal from 2 or pick a new gift from the pile. The game continues until all gifts are open and everyone has a gift.

The game gets really funny in later rounds since there can be a lot of stealing going on! For example, if during number 9's turn he/she decides to steal number 4's gift, number four can choose to steal number 6's gift, leaving number 6 to choose to steal number 1's gift and so on!

Some ideas for gifts under 10$ for a game like this:

  • Junk Food: Everyone likes junk food whether they admit it or not! You can get chocolates, so many stores have fancy chocolate gift boxes under 10$, but even more fun is to put together a bunch of your favourites in a box and wrap them up as a gift (A box of smarties, a kitkat bar, Reese`s Peanut butter cups .... you get the idea!) You can also buy a cannister full of candies such as jellybeans (or just fill one up yourself with all kinds of candies) In a recent gift exchange that I attended somebody bought a huge box of popcorn which was quite popular.

  • Books: Lots of books are available at this price just choose something fun, be it a bestselling fiction book, cookbook, or a book of funny anecdotes. So many options out there!

  • Electronic Hand Massage Tool: who doesn`t need one of these!

  • Ideas for the home: There are so many different things you can get for the home including, wine glasses, mugs, a vase, candleholders, serving platters etc...

  • Tea: Tea is en vogue right now and there are many tea shops opening up around that you can get great gifts at, such as: tea pots, A reusable mug, set of different flavoured teas, a tea steeper.

  • Alcohol: You can get a nice gift set such as a giant bottle of beer, or a small bottle of wine or even some wine coolers.

  • Gift Cards: This idea is a little less creative but still popular! Get a 10$ gift card for the movies, a book store, electronic store or coffee shop. Anyone can use it!

No matter what you do - Have fun!!

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