Cool Features of this Site

This site has been designed to make your life a little easier - well at least the cooking part of your life!

We have put together many features to help you research recipes, get more info when needed, plan your menus and even print up your shopping lists. Below is a detailed list of how to use all these features:

1. Hundreds of free recipes and entertaining ideas!

Scroll through the recipe categories and find hundreds of delicious and creative vegetarian recipes that are tried and true! We will be updating regularly so come back often as new recipes and tips will keep appearing!

2. Ingredient descriptions:

When reading a recipe on this site, you will notice that some ingredients are underlined. This is done to provide more information on a particular ingredient that may not be very common. All you need to do is scroll your mouse over the ingredient and a box will appear that will explain what the ingredient is, where you can buy it and how to use it. It's that simple!

3. Recipe step definitions:

Don't know what a "bain-marie" is or how to roast peppers? Don't worry we will help you out! Like with uncommon ingredients, when reading a recipe, you will notice some steps are underlined. Simply scroll your mouse over the step and a box will appear with more details on exactly how to perform that step. But, if you do know, then we don't want to bore you with long explanations!

4. Search option:

As with all great websites, we provide you with a search field in the top right hand side of the website. Just type in what you would like to find, be it an ingredient, a type of dish or the name of a recipe and click on "Search" we will try and find it for you!

5. Share recipes on social media or by email

You will notice links on the left hand side of the page to share recipes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. As well, you can email a recipe to a friend, just click on the @ symbol above the ingredients list.

Special features for members!!!! If you should decide to sign up - that would be awesome! Accounts are FREE and all that is required is an email address (create your own password). You will then have access to the following advanced features:

1. Save Your Favorite Recipes

If you see a recipe that you like and would like to save it, add it to your favourites list. We will save it to your account. That way next time you log in, you can find these recipes right away by clicking on "My Account".

2. Meal Planner:

This is a really cool feature! You can plan your weekly menus straight on this website. Browse through recipes, and add them to your menu right away. All you have to do is click "Add to My Meal Planner" and a calendar will pop up. Click on the day that you would like to make that recipe and it will save for you. Once your menu for the week is complete you can print it up (by clicking on the printer icon) to stick on your refrigerator! The printed menu automatically comes with a shopping list and all the steps for the recipes you included in your menu! How convenient is that?

3. Post comments on recipes and rate them:

We want to hear from you! Did you try a recipe or a tip? Please post comments to let us know how it went! You can also rate the recipe by clicking on the stars.

Have fun! Enjoy reading the recipes, articles and tips and happy cooking! If you would like to reach us, please send us an email:

The Vegetarian Gourmet Team


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