Frozen Lemonade

Ok, this is hands down the coolest trick ever for making frozen lemonade! It’s super easy and actually works!! No more squeezing lemons - just place fresh lemons in a blender with ice! You will need a high speed blender for this to work, either a Vitamix or a Ninja.

Lavender Strawberry Infused Water

This one is a beauty! Really special for a bridal shower or outdoor pool party!

Perfect Party Punch

This is my husband’s famous recipe for punch! He makes it every time we host and people absolutely love it! A great trick here is to freeze slices of fresh fruit and add them to the punch just before serving. Not only does it cool down the drink without watering it down, it also adds flavour and makes it look really festive!

Perfect Moroccan Mint Tea

Fresh mint leaves give this hot drink such a beautiful flavour and aroma. A tiny bit of sugar is added here, not for sweetness, but to bring the flavours together. If you like the drink sweeter you can double the sugar.

Mojitos - Taste of Cuba

A delicious Cuban specialty, consisting of fresh mint and lime!

Lychee Saketinis

This is an interesting twist on a martini. I like to serve it with a Sushi Dinner.

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